About us

iKnowiT was founded with one clear purpose in mind, to serve and help businesses achieve their goals with regards to Information Technology initiatives and data.

So many businesses do not have nor want to create their own information technology departments and rightfully so. Which is where iKnowiT (Pty) Ltd. identified the opportunity to serve these  SME’s, MME’s and Corporates.  We provide project management services to guide and control project initiatives to effect the right outcome for the business and achieve organisational objectives to time and budget. 

Our mission

Purposed to serve Small, Medium and Large businesses through the aid of information technology, systems, people and data to output innovation! 

Our offer

  • Project management
  • Data and process Design
  • Business analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Digital Strategies
  • RFI & RFP

“My day was usually quite hectic, before I used iKnowiT to automate all my various daily tasks saving me time throughout the day.
iKnowiT helped me get more efficient, and now I simply get more done.”

Technology & Framework

Business Process Automation

Automating your business daily processes.

Business Intelligence

Enabling business insights and trend analysis through building analytical capabilities with technologies from Google data studio and Microsoft Power BI.

Project Management Agile & Hybrid

Managing your software development implementation across the full system development lifecycle, for delivery on time, to quality and within budget.

Business Analysis

Analyze your business for opportunities.