Wireframe Your Website in Design

Wireframe Your Website in Design

As a website creator, one of the crucial values in building a wireframe is that it conveys layout ideas, content, and overall page-level design of the website you’re creating.

Once you decide to add wireframing to your design workflow, you’ll have enabled yourself to do the following:

    • Visualize your content’s layout
    • Save time and effort in your design process
    • Test for and correct usability issues
    • Perfect your information architecture
    • Test and refine navigation
    • Test usability with user testing and interviews
    • Perform rapid prototyping of any page element
    • Evaluate how your page layout applies UX and design best practices

Another significant benefit of the wireframing process is that they provide great clarity into how information will be organized on the screen, otherwise known as the page’s information architecture.


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