iKnowiT (Pty) Ltd. was founded with the sole purpose of serving businesses like yours in achieving its goals through the employment of technology, key people and optimised systems!

Through the use of Information and Technology, Innovation, Experience and disciplines honed over the past 20 years and integrating them with Design, Systems and People we’ve managed to create opportunities for many business challenges. We have positioned ourselves to partner with businesses who need to fill extremely short term contract roles with experienced personnel.

Our value proposition:

To replace the need for the use of expertise provided by a single human resources skilled to fill a specific job function with the access to a team of experts to accomplish your IT goals and scale capability. Therefore offering a multifaceted approach to overcoming your business challenge and creating opportunity.  Also we offer a flexible engagement model for our clients and reduce project waste (time, resource and cost) during the project life cycles.

To disrupt traditional resourcing models and add value by supplying blocks of time loaded with information technology experts instead of a single human resources. Which we find leads to speeding up delivery cycles. Instead of just a Project Manager, you have access to a Business Analyst, Solution Architect or Systems analyst and developers during this negotiated block of time allowing for a truly agile project and faster delivery.

Our clients enjoy the additional leverage and control over their projects and maintain their budgets.  Not you?