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Reasons to invest in a chatbot for your business now!​


They don’t go home after 5 pm and they do not arrive late. Working in sales, you quickly realise how often customers would write emails, make applications or inquire in the wee hours. In many cases, there major time differences between your business and your prospects. Giving them the opportunity to get the information they want when they want it will immediately translate into more sales.

We are so used to texting that it becomes more natural than picking up the phone to call. Also, it fights the innate fear that on the phone you might be sold, mislead, forget to ask something important. You can always get back to the chat if you have any questions. The bot will not judge you.

Investing in a well-developed chatbot which communicates with a database is almost equal to getting a new member of staff. A chatbot can book appointments, record personal information, send links, send confirmation texts or emails, even take payments.

You have full control on what is communicated to your customers. When designing a chatbot, your developer will ask you for a script you would like her to implement. This means that never again will your prospect get outdated information, rude attitude or wrong details. In return you will always have the right spelt name, phone number, the correct booking date. You can get integration with you CRM and get this data straight away.

“Hi, can I help you with something today?” is a simple invitation which can make inroads with engagements and time spent on your website. Sometimes people give up just because they cannot find something straight away. Having someone who instantly provides answers is the dream of any digital age consumer.

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